When Should You Replace Your Fence? 

There is a range of aspects that define the lifespan of your fence. This includes improper maintenance, age, storm exposure, climate, and the type of material. However, there are other factors out there that lead to wear and tear.  


Luckily, you do not have to spend a lot of time checking your fence to know if it is time to replace it. Before you look for a professional wood fence installation Lexington company to install a new fence for you, here are a couple of indications to look for: 

Your Fence Has Experienced a Hurricane 

A high-quality fence can endure a lot. However, there might be subtle or obvious structural damage if it has been beaten by debris or is subject to strong winds. If your wood fence is subject to flooding or unusually heavy rain, it should be examined for rot. You might have to replace your fence if there’s visible damage. It is ideal to have an expert examine it if there is no clear damage but it might have been subject to serious conditions.  

You Can See Through Your Fence 

Your fence is not doing an excellent job at providing protection and privacy if there are sections completely missing or panels fallen over. Of course, it loses its purpose. Lost or broken parts are typically an indication that the fence has suffered from storm damage or it is getting old. This usually happens a lot around the fence’s corners as they age. When this happens, you have to replace it.  

Your Fence is a Safety Threat 

Do you have a fence that’s threatening you with rust, protruding nails, or splinters? It is probably time to replace your fence if you have to get a tetanus shot and use gloves before you can hold your fence.  

Your Fence Has Changed its Colors 

One obvious sign of aging is a change in color in your fence. Of course, it can be tempting to simply repaint your fence when it has changed its colors. However, it can be an indication that your fence is damaged beyond appearance. Perhaps you have to replace your fence when whites get a rusty or yellow cast or when bright colors turn dull and ashy.  

Your Fence Has Bent 

Your fence is damaged if it is not straight anymore. A warped fence means split wood and loose nails. Aside from that, it can also be a sign of rot. Bent panels can put a lot of strain on your fence and can lead to vulnerability to weathering. This will eventually cause it to collapse. It is time for you to replace your fence if it is visibly warped.  

It is quite easy to maintain your fence and take care of it. However, it is ideal to know what maintenance is needed for the kind of fence you’ve got or looking to install. You can always contact a professional fence company if you’ve got inquiries. Also, a professional fence company is your best bet when it comes to fence replacement.